Happy birthday Grand-master Lee and Mr. Worden!

Today is the founder of our system’s birthday! Grandmaster Lee is the reason that we are all able to study our wonderful system of Bok Fu Do! In more than 60 years in the martial arts, Grandmaster Lee continues to inspire his students on a daily basis and acts as a guiding force in many of our lives. Bok Fu Do has become a way of life for his disciples and students and he has created an incredible organization and community through his life’s work. We wish Grandmaster Lee a wonderful birthday today and a new year of his life filled with health, happiness and success! Thank you, Grandmaster Lee, for your lifetime of hard work so that we can all now reap the daily benefits of our Bok Fu Do training.

Today is also, 2nd degree black belt, Mr. Worden’s birthday as well! He is a first generation disciple of Grand-master Lee and shares a birthday with his teacher. Mr. Worden has been a part of our organization since 1991 and earned his black belt in 2001. Mr. Worden leads our annual Nun-chuck seminar that will be taking place this Saturday! We’d like to wish Mr. Worden a wonderful birthday today!