Got Grit?

February 17, 2019

These red forearms are the result of an hour of soft hand block practice at Tac Black Saturday morning. The smile says it all! nothing better than a fantastic training session with master Buckley and your fellow black belts!

This is an incredible display of athleticism!


I thought this was a very interesting article about determination and fortitude.


Warm Up:
2 times:
5 techniques in your belt tai ji style
5 forward snap kicks, 5 rear kicks, 5 wheel kicks each leg
Drop stance/ hardbow/ crane up and down mat
Straight leg kicks up and down mat
Inchworms up and down mat
Broad Jumps up and down mat

3 Rounds of the following:
1 minute max rep Double Unders (or single jump and tuck jump)
1 minute max rep Bok Fu Burpee Box Jump (or step up)
1 minute max rep Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw
1 minute max rep V Ups
1 minute max rep Push Up with hand release
1 minute rest

Notes: A bok fu burpee box jump starts with a bok fu burpee but instead of the jump kick, do a box jump.
Your score for the workout is your total number of reps over the 3 rounds.

Warm Down:
5 minutes belt torture for hamstrings/groin