Good Fortune and Great Adversity

Happy Friday everyone! i saw this video today and could not help but smile. It reminded me of one of grandmaster lee’s writings. No matter what is going on in your life, sometimes the best thing to do is laugh! it’s the little joys in life that are the most important. Enjoy the video and also the writing!

This is an excerpt from grandmaster lee’s writing, “as your lives unfold each of you will be touched by both good fortune and great adversity”.

“Would you sell both your eyes for a million dollars? or your leg, or your hand or your hearing? add up what you do have my friends and you’ll find that you truly wouldn’t sell what you have for all of the gold in the world. The best things in this life are yours right now, this moment. as one of my students, i want you to appreciate yourself. the perfect and the imperfect, the good and the not so good. Stars remember will always shine their very brightest on the very blackest nights, in much the same way that your true black belt strengths will shine and be revealed to you only during your darkest hours of sadness and despair. As your lives unfold, each of you will be touched by both good fortune and great adversity.

We can all wear our happiness lightly, and most of the time do, often not even recognizing it until we suddenly feel the weight of some great sorrow – unemployment, illness, depression, a loss of some kind. When hard times hit, you will find that strengths perhaps you never knew you had will rise up from unknown sources within you. Discovering these black belt strengths and qualities is part of your training with me. Black belts find good fortune at the core of any adversity they face in life. They always look for the silver lining. The abiding power of your true black belt faith. The depth of our true black belt love for each other, our black belt ability to comfort and to be comforted by others. And the loyalty and steadfastness of other bok fu brother and sister black belts, students and true friends. All these discoveries Fortify us as strong bok fu black belts as we struggle through life’s more difficult passages.

As one of my black belts, look closely at any disadvantage you face and i tell you, you will see there is always a corresponding advantage. This is master black belt thinking and you must learn to use it in all aspects of your life. Think of it terms of martial arts when your opponent strikes at you. Don’t just look at the strike, look at the extension of the arm or leg and you will see that your opponent is now vulnerable. Every strike creates a new opportunity for you to gain the advantage.

The black belt master will come to know that it’s sometimes a very rough road that leads to the true heights of black belt mastery in this subject and anything that is truly a world class success story.”