East West in the news!

Here is the next video in our bok fu do stretching series. Enjoy!

East West was in the lamorinda weekly magazine today. Take a look at the article here!

There are lots of exciting things happening at east west right now. As a reminder, we’ll see you all on Saturday at stone valley middle school for our spring student tournament. Don’t miss the black belt demonstration at noon! May 14th is master Buckley's 25th anniversary celebration. We hope you can all make it! and finally, check back in with the blog tomorrow for an announcement with dates/times for this summer’s wushu camp!


Warm Up:

2 times

10 Pass through with staff

10 Scorpions

10 inchworms

10 Push Ups with hand release

10 Horse Stance Squats


AMRAP 8 minutes

3 Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps

3 Double Unders (or single jump and tuck jump as a substitution)

6 Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps

6 Double Unders

9 Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps

9 Double Unders

12 Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps

12 Double Unders

Add 3 more and continue this pattern each time if you make it past 12. So next would be 15, then 18….

Warm Down:

5 minutes belt stretching for hamstrings