DIY (Do It Yourself) Workout #1 – Happy Labor Day!


Eat up all of your junk food today, because tomorrow we start the challenge!!! Here’s your first DIY workout…enjoy!

5 rounds for time:

  1. Island Run – run around the island outside of the alamo school (approx. 200 meters if you aren’t at the alamo school)
  2. 10 Bok Fu Burpees
  3. 20 HS Squats

If you aren’t able to run, substitute for fighting stance, hardbow, cat stance, crane stance combo up and down the mat.

Please make sure you mark down your times and log them on your exercise journal!

(NOTES: I’ve gotten some clarification questions by email. So I figured many of you may have the same ones….) The island is around the fire lane area where the safeway trucks drive through and the police cars park. Five rounds means do numbers 1,2,3 consecutively five times in a row. This is against a running clock, so there are no breaks in between rounds. Rest when you need to rest, but the clock keeps running. Post any other questions that you have!)

Happy Training!!!