DIY #32 – We have a new addition!

There is a new addition to our east west instructor family! Welcome Mr. Roland.

Warm Up:
2 times
400M Run
10 Shooters (or 10 push ups with hand release and 10 dips)
10 Back up to V ups
10 Horse Stance Squat Jumps (without push ups)

50 hardbow/ broken bow lunges
50 chicken lunges
50 tuck jumps
30 hardbow/ broken bow lunges
30 chicken lunges
30 tuck jumps
10 hardbow/ broken bow lunges
10 chicken lunges
10 tuck jumps

Warm Down:
5 minutes on foam roller for hips and groin
2 minutes per leg with lacrosse ball for hamstring (sit on a bench or chair and put the ball under your hamstring)