DIY #18 – Can you hear the sound?

Warm up:

5 minute warm up

Shoulder exercises with the staff (shoulder dislocators and around the world)

10 partner pulls (if you don’t have a partner, do 25 sit ups with cross punches)

25 soft hand concept strikes each side (the drill from Wednesday night’s class) (make sure you hear the sound on each one!)


2 minutes of each exercise consecutively, take a 1 minute rest after each round, complete 3 rounds total

Horse Stance Squats

Combo (Left, Right, Roundhouse Kick)

Broken Bow Jumps


You will do 2 minutes of HS Squats, then 2 minutes of Combo, and finally 2 minutes of Broken bow jumps. Take a 1 minute break and repeat. Take another 1 minute break and complete the workout with a 3rd round. So your total workout should take 20 minutes. To log your results, count your total number of reps. No need to count reps per exercise, just log your total number of reps of all movements over the 3 rounds.

Warm Down (I know I don’t have to say it anymore, but I’ll do it one more time… only if you care about your body):

If you have a BFF with you, do the leg stretching drills from Sunday. Have your partner hold you leg straight, pull your toes back, and drive your heel down for 5 seconds. Then relax your leg, increase the height and repeat. Do the same motion with the side kick.

If you don’t have a BFF, you can do the same drill, just use the bars and drive down into the bar for 5 seconds. You won’t increase your height, but will still get good benefits from the pressure down.

Remember to check back in tomorrow. I have a couple great blog posts that I found recently that I’m looking forward to sharing with you!