DIY #17 – Countdown

Warm Up:

1 minute Flutter kicks (ab work from sunday, head up and legs out straight, small kicks)

30 seconds rear kick planks right leg, 30 seconds rear kick planks left leg, 30 seconds side kick planks right leg, 30 seconds side kick planks left leg

1 minute ab twists with medicine ball

1 minute hollowed core (this is the drill from sunday, balancing on your rear/low back with head up, legs out and arms our, small rocking motion back and forth)



HS Squats with Medicine Ball Throw

Hardbow/ Brokenbow Lunges

Tuck Jumps

Push Ups


You’ll do 10 HS Squats, then 10 Lunges, followed by 10 Tuck Jumps and then 10 Push ups. Then move on to 9 of each, 8, 7, 6….

Warm Down (Only if you care about your body!):

Hip Stretching for 5 minutes

You can try some of the ones you already know, or you can watch this mobility video and try a couple of these. I’ve done them a few times and they’re very beneficial. Use the window sill in Alamo, bench in San Ramon, or a kitchen table or your bed at home.