DIY #16 – Short and Sweet

After our long workout Sunday, this one is going to change things up a bit. Although it is a relatively short workout, compared to most I've given you lately, it should be done at a very high intensity. If you push yourself to your max through the entire workout, you should feel Just as tired (and sore tomorrow) as you did from our longer bff track workout!

Warm Up:

3 rounds

50 jump rope jumps

10 – roll back feet overhead, roll up to the center, repeat roll right then left (we did this one at BFF#2)

10 – scorpions

10 – Inchworms


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes

5 Horse Stance Squat Jumps (HS squat, push up, jump to hs squat, jump up and land back in hs)

10 Push ups

15 Sit ups with Cross Punches

Warm Down (Only if you care about your body):

1 minute horse stance stretch

5 each side Samson Stretch

1 minute shoulder stretch – Hold the bar from behind and stretch your shoulders (arms as close together as possible, sit down as low as possible)

Happy Training!