DIY #13 – It's Week 5 Already!

Warm up:

50 punches on the heavy bag (if you can’t use the bag, substitute for 200 punches in the air

50 sit ups with cross punches

50 jump rope jumps

50 side kick planks


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 20 minutes

100M run

10 Chicken Lunges

10 Bok Fu Burpees

20 Hardbow/ Broken Bow Lunges (hold between 6-10 lbs overhead as you are doing these lunges)

Notes: If you can’t do the 100M sprints, substitute for one time up and down the mat. Use either 6lb, 8lb or 10lb medicine ball for the lunges.Try to hold the weight directly over your head with arms fully extended for all 20 lunges.

Reminder: Remember to still send me your food logs Monday. Even though I’m out of town, I’ll still be checking email. I’ll send your comments when I get back Wednesday.

European Cup update:

>The tournament finished on Sunday afternoon. Ms. Mannion and Ms. Winder both did a fantastic job! We have a day of sightseeing today and then will be getting on a plane and coming home Tuesday. What we’ve seen of Krakow so far has been beautiful. I’ll post some tournament/ sightseeing pictures when we get back.

I hope you all had a great time on your trail run! Thanks to Ms. Malone for leading that this weekend. Also, the link to the post from yesterday is now fixed. Enjoy the read!