Congratulations Mrs. Buckley and Mr. McKay, 3rd Degree Black Belts!

At our annual Leadership Training Weekend this year, we finished off the seminar with a very special presentation. Mrs. Aimee Buckley and Mr. Mitch McKay were presented their 3rd degree black belts by their teachers, Grandmaster Lee, Master Buckley and Ms. Newman on March 1st, 2015.

Earning a 3rd degree black belt in the Bok Fu Do System is a very rare a special honor, one that is given only to those that have proven themselves in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the art. It takes years of dedication and hard work to achieve this prestigious rank and is a great honor. Those in attendance at Leadership Training got to witness the presentation of their rank and hear from the new 3rd degrees about their journey in the system. Both Mrs. Buckley and Mr. McKay are exceptional examples of what a high ranking black belt in Bok Fu Do stands for. They are both extremely dedicated, not only to their teachers and the system, but also to the students of our schools. Their resumes speak for themselves and both have been major contributors to our system’s legacy over the years. Both Mrs. Buckley and Mr. McKay embody the principles of Bok Fu Do in mind, body and spirit.

Remember, earning a Bok Fu Do Black Belt is an incredible accomplishment. However, that is truly just the beginning. You never stop growing and never stop learning in this subject. It is our hope that each one of our students will continue on that path of growth for the rest of their lives. Follow the examples of the high ranking black belts that we have in the system and continue your journey of endless learning in Bok Fu Do.

Congratulations Mr. McKay and Mrs. Buckley! Your 3rd degree black belts were very well deserved and we are all extremely proud of your accomplishments!