12 Months of Black Belt Animals

We are very excited to announce a new attendance program that we will start this month at all of our East West Kung Fu Schools.

Here is how it works:

When a student earns their Richard Lee Bok Fu Do First Degree Black Belt, they are assigned an animal that most closely represents their characteristics in both movement and spirit. This animal is selected by Grandmaster Lee, Master Buckley and the student’s personal trainer. It is a great honor and always a pleasure for the student to learn which animal has been chosen for them.

Every month of 2015 will be represented by a new black belt and their animal. Each student (ages 12 and under) will receive a certificate with all 12 months of the year available to fill in. If a student is consistent on their attendance and attends at least 8 classes per month at East West, at the end of the month they will earn the sticker to add to their certificate. For all those that earn each month’s stickers and complete the entire 12 months, they will receive a limited edition shirt with the 12 animals, signed by all 12 black belts for the year.

Certificates and first month stickers will be handed out at the end of January at all schools. Make sure that you’re on track to attend 8 classes to earn your first month’s sticker!