Amazing Christmas lights!

Late Christmas eve, we found out we were having a unexpected family member for Christmas. I didn’t have any extra presents around the house, but rather than not having anything for them to open, I went to the kitchen and spent an hour baking cookies. I wrapped them up in a package so at least there was a little something for them. As we were opening presents, I was so glad that they were included and I could tell that they were too!

Keep up those acts of kindness. we are half way through our challenge! It’s easy to do one or two days, but can you do all 12 days of Bok Fu Spirit?

Bok Fu fitness – at home DIY

Since east west is closed today, here is a quick BFF workout you can do at home.

For time:

100 Horse Stance Squats

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups with Cross Punches

100 Wheel Kick Balance (each leg)

Everything is back to normal at east west on tuEsday! See you all then!