2nd Day of our 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit!

Phew, the world didn't end today so that means we're moving onto our second day of our 12 days of bok fu spirit! i hope that you enjoyed doing your first random act of kindness. The picture above is not of the act that i did, but rather an act from one of my students that brought a smile to my face! I walked into my office at the San Ramon school on Thursday morning and found a beautiful plant with a sweet note of appreciation. It's amazing how one small act can be so powerful. It was a great reminder for the day as i went on to do my act of kindness.

So here was my act for our first day! Thursday mornings you can always find me at Starbucks in San roman with a cup of coffee in hand as ms. Dominguez and i have our weekly business meeting. I arrived a little early, bought my coffee and then gave the girl working there $30. I asked her to buy drinks for anyone that she wanted with the rest of the money. I sat there and watched as she gave free drinks to some of the customers. Their faces were all surprised initially by the free coffee but then so happy! It was fun sitting there and watching the small joy it brought them, even though they had no idea i was the one that had paid for the morning cup of joe!

remember that even the smallest act can make a big difference. Keep up the acts of kindness and let's see how many smiles we can bring to people's faces for the rest of the year!

Don't forget to post your act of kindness to comments.

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