"12 days of Bok Fu Do"

Here’s a good one for you to do today, tomorrow or the day after christmas to make up for all that fantastic food I know you’ll be eating!


Complete the workout in order just like the song:

1 – 100M Run

2 – Sit Ups with cross punches

3 – Push up with hand release

4 – Tuck Jumps

5 – Bok Fu Burpees

6 – Box Jumps or Step Ups

7 – Chicken Lunges

8 – Rear Kick Planks

9 – Horse Stance Squat (holding medicine ball straight out in front of you)

10 – Hardbow/ broken bow lunges

11 – Broad Jumps

12 – Techniques from your belt all out

Notes: This workout will be done like the song (12 days of Christmas). 1 100m run, 2 sit ups with cross punches 1 100m run, 3 push ups with hand release 2 sit ups with cross punches 1 100m run……12 Techniques in your belt all out-1 100m run