Maximize Online Learning

1. Use the largest screen you have available. You can attend class on your iPhone or Android mobile phone, but if you have a tablet or laptop/desktop computer available, that would be better so you can see the teacher more clearly. If you can connect your laptop or tablet to your TV (via Chromecast, HDMI cable, etc.) that would be best!


2.We recommend you first download the Zoom app on your computer (Click Here), iOS device (Click Here), or Android device (Click Here)


3. We want to see you too! If you have a webcam on the device you’re using, please turn it on. We want to be able to give you feedback on your movement, and just as much, we want to see your smiling face! If possible, make sure the camera is angled appropriately and at a good distance so that your whole body is visible.


4. For families with students that are different belt ranks, we suggest taking the class on different devices. This will allow everyone to work on their individual belt material during the second part of class.


5. In the Zoom application, please use a display name that will help us identify you. This is important so that the teacher knows your name and can give you feedback, especially if you’re not from the school that they usually teach at. Please name yourself in the format of Belt Rank-Age Group-Name. For example, if you are a purple belt teen named Jane Doe, your display name would be "P-T-Ms. Doe." We’re so excited for this opportunity to get to know more of our students than we normally would see!