What a fantastic weekend!

Congratulations to all that took place in our annual leadership training weekend! It is one of our favorite weekends of the entire year because of the incredible spirit of the group each time we put on this event. Thank you to everyone that spent their time with us over the past couple days. We hope that enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have 7 new red belts! congratulations to Ms. Berch, Mr. Winder, Mr. Z Davis, Ms. Silverman, Mr. Bugaj, Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Glazier on this incredible accomplishment. It is no small feat to become an east west instructor, and we are all thrilled to welcome you into our world class teaching staff.

I saw this poster and thought it was a perfect fit for lessons from this weekend! Success is not necessarily measured by what we see on the outside. Sometimes we must look deeper to really find the success in our endeavors.

Here is a small piece of one of the readings that was done this weekend talking about success…

“Success is a relative term. In many ways, one cannot appreciate success without comparing it to something less than successful in the past. As ironic as it may sound, I have little respect for anyone who has never suffered a major failure in their life. If one has never suffered a substantial failure, that, by definition, means that one has never taken risks, one has never attempted anything great, and has never gone out on a limb. In many ways, I am more impressed by someone’s war stories about their biggest failures than about their biggest successes.

Similarly, one cannot appreciate the good things in life as much unless one has struggled at prior times. In many ways I feel sorry for those who have always had it easy. They will never understand the great things in their life because they cannot compare it to those times in their lives when life was tough.

That is why i can unconditionally respect a Bok-Fu-Do black belt. I know that no matter what their walk of life, what their background, what their Social-Economic history, in order to be awarded that black belt they must have gone through some very difficult times. They must have spent years experiencing pain, fatigue, depression and frustration, only at some point to overcome that and succeed to the point of black belt status. Whatever challenges they may have ever face in the future, they can draw from their experience on the black belt path, knowing that out of pain comes relief, out of frustration comes satisfaction, out of depression comes elation – out of failure, success.”


Warm Up:
400M Run
10 Pass through with staff
10 Overhead horse stance squats
10 Straight leg kicks
Drop stance/ hardbow/ crane stance up mat
Samson stretch down mat
Inchworm up mat
Broad jumps down mat

3 Rounds for max reps
1 Minute Broken Bow Jumps
1 Minutes Push Up Rows
1 Minute Horse Stance Squat Jumps
1 Minute Navy Seal Ups
1 Minute Pad Facing Bok Fu Burpees
1 Minute Rest

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball torture