Techniques all out aren't enough!

A couple quick reminders:

Get ready for the ko winter tournament this weekend in San Jose. Just another fantastic opportunity to test your skills and put yourself under a little pressure with some friendly competition. Don’t miss this tournament!

Black belt seminar weekend is right around the corner. Bok fu philosophy with grandmaster lee, power training with master Buckley… How can you pass this up? it’s going to be a great weekend. Be there!

Here’s an interesting article about treating adhd with sports. Grandmaster lee has talked about these principles and benefits for years!


Warm Up:

1 minute clapping push ups with partner

1 minute plank

1 minute rear kick planks (30 seconds per leg)

1 minute side kick planks (30 seconds per leg)


10 techniques from your belt all out and in between each technique do:

10 of each of the following exercises:

horse stance squat jumps

V ups

mountain climbers

speed punches

push ups

Notes: Do technique #1 all out then 10 horse stance squat jumps, technique #2 all out them 10 V ups, # 3 all out then 10 mountain climbers, #4 all out then 10 speed punches, #5 all out then 10 push ups, #6 all out then 10 horse stance squat jumps, #7 all out then 10 V ups….

INSTRUCTORS – do this with all 30 of your techniques!

Warm Down:

5 minutes ball torture for shoulders and back