Sunday Workout #1 – Week one is officially over!

Here are some pictures from this morning. Great workout! You were all really pushing yourselves. Remember to email me your food/ exercise logs tomorrow!

A few of you have asked for the exercises from this morning. Here they are! I tried to explain them as concisely as possible, but let me know if you can’t remember the exercise.

Step to horse stance – feet together – up and back mat

Samson Stretch – deep lunge arms reach overhead

Hamstring walk – INCHWORM

Drop stance right shift left – feet together

Drop stance –hardbow – crane – around mat in circle

Deep lunge (front elbow to ground)- twist waist reach to sky, sit back straight leg stretch

Step back to broken bow, reach opposite arm to back leg – step back other side

Roll back touch feet over head – roll up stretch to center – repeat to left then right

Lay down – arms out – swing legs left/right don’t touch ground

Scorpion – 15 each side

Bridge – timed 1 minute total (can take breaks) – partner assist/ modify

AMRAP – 10 minutes

shuttle run, 5 tuck jumps, 10 chicken kick lunges, 15 back up to push up, 20 V ups