Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Here is a small piece of a Bok Fu Philosophy writing by Master Buckley to one of our black belts as she was training for the World Tournament and approaching her black belt. Being able to take a step back and honestly evaluating ourselves is a critical part of not only becoming a Richard Lee Black Belt, but most importantly being successful in life. When we get to a place where we can appreciate all of ourselves, it is only then that we have the power to make necessary changes. Enjoy the writing!

“Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace them both with equal fervor and honesty. Courage is facing your weakness and knowing that it will not be pleasant to do so. To be human is to have frailties. To be brave is to go on in spite of them, to recognize them within ourselves and face them with true Richard Lee Black Belt honesty. Honesty takes courage and to be courageous, you must first be honest with yourself. Going for your Black Belt and a World Championship will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Learn to recognize the fear, frustration and insecurity you may feel along the way as simply the awakening of your chi. Understand that emotion is what gives your chi force. Well directed, it can lead you to power sources that will simply amaze your body. But you must learn to control it, harness it, and only then is it yours to direct.

Accepting and understanding that we have a weakness gives us the power to overcome it. Denying it gives it the power to overcome us, usually at the worst possible time. Grappling the hardships that threaten to overwhelm us with honesty and courage will award us heightened capability and a new found strength of will. It forges our character, sometimes through the very fires of hell, to greater capacities and inevitably new enlightenment. It brings us to a new awareness of ourselves, a true understanding of who and what we are. The clouds of doubt will suddenly clear and reveal before you a clear sky of limitless possibilities. The great weight of hidden truths is lifted from your back and freed you from the bog of illusion.

To do this, you must fully concentrate all of your energies on the process. Learn to fall in love with the process and it will free you of self made limitations. Simply give it your all, all of the time and it will clear all the obstacles from your path.”

This is a beautiful story of a high school athlete that has truly learned the meaning of compassion and character. “Strength doesn't come from the gym, it comes from the soul.”