Leadership Training Weekend 2013!

A huge thank you to everyone that took park in our Leadership Training Weekend this year! It was our biggest and (in our opinion) most successful weekend ever! There was an amazing energy from everyone that was there. Grandmaster Lee, Master Buckley, Master Ozuna and all the black belts, shared some wonderful insights with our students and made the 2 incredibly full days of training go by in the blink of an eye. Our special guest, Grandmaster Ted Sumner, even shared some of his experiences and wisdom with all of us. It was such a pleasure having our Bok Fu Do brothers and sisters from KO Kung Fu join us for the entire weekend as well!

We started off the weekend with two red belt presentations! congratulations to Mr. Goodson and Ms. Lay on joining the ranks of the instructors. Testing on sunday was also a highlight of the weekend. There was an amazing amount of stripe and belt promotions and everyone really “Left it all on the mat” and gave it everything they had. The black belts were all very proud of everyone's efforts regardless of their promotion or not!

A very special thank you to all of the black belts that gave of their time this weekend. I personally walked away from this leadership training weekend with a renewed sense of belief in the power of our organization. It was a confirmation that the work we do every day makes a profound impact on the lives of our incredible students!