Kaylee Baker – 2 TIME World Champion!

This is a guest post from usa team member and now 2 time world champion, Kaylee Baker!

“I absolutely love the picture above because i can still feel the untainted joy i, and all my teammates, were feeling at this moment. The four girls had all finished fighting and Ms. Berch had just won her fight, the final east west fight of the day. the joyful tears just wouldn’t stop flowing as we congratulated each other and grandmaster lee came over to say he was proud of us all. We had trained as a team, grown as a team, and right then we had accomplished our goal as team. Thank you team, for an incredible journey and so many unforgettable memories; you guys are truly the best people i know.

I don’t think i’ve ever felt more emotions over a two day period in my entire life. Fear, pride, love, honor, humility, and joy, to rattle off a few. Being on the united states team was an incredible experience and representing bok fu do was such an honor. Master Buckley and Ms Newman poured their heart and soul into training us (even when we were not always the easiest people to train) and giving it my all on the lei tai was only a small way to say thank you to them. One of my favorite lines from a reading mentions to “focus on the honor of representing your teachers and the system to the best of your abilities and any fears, doubts, or insecurities you still cling to will disappear.” Knowing that i had Master Buckley and Ms. Newman in my corner and my east west family on the sidelines pulling for me truly made me feel like anything was possible. I am so thankful that i was given this opportunity and that my coaches believed in me throughout this whole process. Thank you for everything Ms. Newman and Master Buckley.”