Grandmaster Huang's Seminars for December 2013

This is always a fantastic time of year at East West! Not only are we in preparations for our annual holiday party for underprivileged children, but we are also eagerly anticipating Grandmaster Huang’s visit to our schools next month! Every year for almost 20 years, Grandmaster Huang has visited East West to teach various seminars. This is an incredible opportunity to work with a world renowned Grandmaster!

Here are the fantastic seminars that he will be teaching while he’s in town from December 13th through the 16th!

Friday, December 13 from 5-7 pm at the Alamo School – Black Tiger Fist (Blue Belt and Above)

Saturday, December 14 from 8-10 am at the Alamo School – Tai Ji Form (All Belt Ranks)

Sunday, December 15 from 8-10 am at the San Ramon School – Form Seminar (Black Belt Only)

Sunday, December 15 from 11-1 pm at the San Ramon School – Tien Shan Spear (Green Belt and Above)