DIY #8 – It's only Push ups!

Warm Up: 5 minute warm up, warm up routine, and shoulder exercise from DIY #7

3 rounds of: 15 horse stance squats, 15 wheel kick balance each side, 15 tuck jumps

Workout: All you have to do is 100 push ups! But there’s a catch….every time that you stop doing push ups, you have to run 400 Meters. Do this against a running clock.

Notes: When I say “stop doing push ups”, that means anytime you can no longer do any more in a row, or if you pause at the top position. I know that some of you think 100 push ups are no big deal, but if we’re talking correct, full push ups, it should be a great workout for you. For those of you that can’t do full push ups, feel free to scale them on your knees. But try to do as many correct push ups as you can! Have fun:)