DIY #6 – Forwards then Backwards

Warm up: Normal 5 minute warm up of a run, jump rope, techniques, or forms. Then do 3 sets of the following warms ups (refer to Sunday workout post for questions on these): Inchworms, Scorpions, Samson Stretch.

Workout: AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 15 minutes

200 M run

4 tuck jumps

8 back up to push up ( will get dirty doing this outside, but that’s what makes it fun)

12 horse stance squats

200 M run backwards (yes…. I said backwards. running backwards will work new muscles for you)

12 horse stance squats

8 back up to push up

4 tuck jump

Note: You will need to count your rounds during the 15 minutes. One round is doing everything from the 200 M run to the last 4 tuck jumps.