DIY #48 – Healthy Holiday Treats

Looking for some “relatively” healthy holiday treats? check out this articlewith pictures and recipes!

Warm Up:

4 times

30 seconds of Ab Arc (thanks for the name Silvermom)

10 sit ups with cross punches

10 rear kick planks (each leg)

10 twists from side to side with medicine ball (legs off the ground leaning back slightly)



Broken Bow Jumps (holding medicine ball overhead)

Heel/ Wheel/ Thrust Kick (on each side)

Chicken Lunges

Notes: You will do 10 broken bow jumps, 10 heel/wheel/thrust kicks on each side, 10 chicken lunges. Then 9 of each, 8 of each….

For each time that you put your leg down on the heel/wheel/thrust kicks in each set, add 2 Bok Fu Burpees to the end of your workout.

Warm Down:

1 Form from your belt tai ji style

5 minutes on foam roller