Day 9 of 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit!

There is only 3 days left in our 12 days of Bok Fu Spirit! Now is the time to get in those last few acts of kindness. Make them meaningful and don’t forget to share your stories with us by leaving a comment on this blog post or on our facebook page!

Here is Mrs. Buckley’s act of kindness:

I contributed to Project Frontlines after reading about it. Military personnel sign up for a one time commitment. I thought this would work well so I signed up for my US history class at Amador. I let all my classes contribute and I was able to send 7 boxes of fun stuff over to a group of US armored Calvary in Afghanistan. This year, I decided to take it one step farther and make it a little more personal. I adopted a soldier (in this case marine, not soldier, I’m pretty sure they don’t like being called soldiers) through Adopt a Soldier. This is the same non-profit organization that does Project Frontlines. The Marine I was assigned is currently stationed in Afghanistan and my commitment is for the length of his deployment. I send a weekly letter and a care package about once a month. My students contribute handmade cards, letters, jokes and poems. It is not mandatory for them to do so but most do. In the care package, I include things that I would like if I was far from home: homemade cookies, good coffee, tea and hot chocolate, candy, snacks, etc. In the last box I also sent some fun duct tape ( superman and mustache). I figure a bunch of guys pretty much always have a use for duct tape. In my letters, I talk about fun, heartwarming and funny stories about my family, East West and the high school I work at. My goal is to give this Marine and his buddies some laughs and smiles. Many people have helped me fill my boxes. Since my kitchen has been unusable for quite a while, the homemade cookies where made at my parents house with the help of my Mom. I included this information in the letter I sent with the box and Captain Rice (the Marine) told me that he thought that made them taste even better:) He is very busy and is not able communicate with me much but that is not the point. He is already contributing to my life by sacrificing his life to support the nation that I am lucky enough to be a citizen of. This is my opportunity to give back. If anyone would like to send a letter or contribute to the next care package, please let me know. I’m sure they’d love it!!

Giving is the best form of communication!