Day 2 of 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit!

How did your second act of kindness go today? Did you bring joy into someone's life? Please make sure to share your story either in our comments section and the bottom of this blog or on this post on our facebook page! We are loving hearing all of your fantastic acts of kindness!

Here is Mr. Worden's act of kindness yesterday:

“I have a drawer in my office where I throw all my change every day. The quarters go into one bag so I can buy 3 Diet Cokes a day from the office machine with them. The other coins go into a different bag. After a couple months the bag is heavy with probably $20-30 in change in it. The nickels and dimes don’t make a big difference in my daily life, but to the person standing on the sidewalk outside my office begging for any amount, handing them this huge bag of money always gets a big response. The bag is full again and today I handed it to a recipient who could use some good fortune.”

Take a look at this wonderful story of a computer programmer that gave a gift to a homeless man that was so much more valuable than money!