Congratulations Mr. Hodge, 2nd Degree Black Belt!

At the end of the first day of our Leadership Training Seminar 2014, Mr. Hodge was asked to put on a special demonstration. Mr. Hodge had been in the process of testing for his degree for quite some time, and put on a fantastic demonstration of his skill and ability for all those in attendance. At the end of his demonstration he was presented with his 2nd degree black belt! Earning a 1st degree black belt is a rare and special accomplishment, yet it is even more prestigious to continue on and earn a 2nd degree. It takes dedication, persistence, and an even deeper understanding of the system. Mr. Hodge, who has recently earned the honor of becoming Grandmaster Lee’s disciple, now has has 2nd degree black belt to add to his martial arts resume. Congratulations Mr. Hodge, we are all very proud of you!