Bok Fu Do West Coast Regional Kuo Sho Tournament – Spring 2014

Our Bok Fu Do West Coast Regional Kuo Shu Tournament – Spring 2014 was a huge success. It was held at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville on Saturday, April 5th. We had 5 schools in attendance including East West Alamo, East West San Ramon, East West Lafayette, KO Kung Fu and Nunez Martial Arts Academy.

We’d like to congratulate all of the competitors that took part in the tournament. Tournaments are a very important part of your growth as a martial artist, and we are proud of everyone’s efforts. It was a great competition and it was easy to see the progress in our students that participated. For the first time ever, our Kids Special Squad and Top Gun Trainee class put on a joint demonstration. It was a huge lineup and brought together two of our biggest classes in the school for one great demonstration. We also had a fantastic demonstration from our staff. It was, by far, the largest instructor demonstration to date. There was impressive content and energy from each one of our staff members. Videos from these demonstrations will be up on our youtube page soon.

Also a big thank you to all of our officials and volunteers. Without each of you, our tournament would not run nearly as smoothly. We really appreciate your time and energy in helping make the tournament a success. Finally, a very special thank you to our tournament director, Ms. Mannion, and assistant director, Mrs. Poon! These ladies have their processes down to a science and they have done a fantastic job making the tournament run smoothly and giving everyone a great experience.

We will have many opportunities coming up for tournament experience. Nunez Martial Arts Academy will be hosting a tournament on Saturday, May 17th. The annual Summer Friendship Tournament will be held at KO Kung Fu on Saturday, June 28th. Of course we’ll also be attending the International Kuoshu Championships, which will be held in Baltimore from July 25-27th. And our Bok Fu Do West Coast Regional Fall tournament is scheduled for Saturday, October 4th!