Black Belts Care

A little Bok Fu philosophy for you today!

Black Belts care

“Give your students and staff the best that you have, and i have found it is only then that the best will come back to you many times over. No work or calling on earth is insignificant if it is accomplished with pride and artistry. I really think you should do whatever your heart leads you to do in this life. But as one of my black belts do it so well that those who came to see you do it will bring others to watch you do it again and again and again.

as a Richard Lee black belt, I will tell you that if you will only truly care enough for the right result, you will almost certainly attain it in the long run. Enough is the key word here.

as one of my black belts never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. remember that black belt talent in this subject is what you possess now. But i hope that the genius of this system we call Bok-Fu-Do one day will totally possess you. I’m not talking just about the way you move but the way you think, and as a result act and treat one another.

Live your life, my friend, so that your children can tell their children that you not only stood for something wonderful in life – but as one of my black belts you proudly acted on it, in helping me personally as the founder build the Bok-Fu-Do system.

The master knows that nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We truly grow old at any age by deserting either our teachers or our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin of any black belt but to give up your black belt enthusiasm for life truly wrinkles the soul.

The great opportunity for success is right now. The lure of distant and the difficult lifetime goals are sometimes deceptive. Some systems will tell you that you will succeed because you are destined to; I say you will succeed in Bok-Fu-Do because you are really determined to. The destiny part for you was studying Bok-Fu-Do with me. Just remember, there is no failure for my black belts except in no longer trying. stay with me, watch and learn. Apply this type of thinking to everything you do and just watch what happens. you win even when you lose, remember, when you learn.”

Great article about a 2 time Olympic medalist in the decathlon going for his record breaking 3rd medal at the London Olympics this summer. Great read and also a very inspiring video. enjoy!