Big Day on Saturday!!!

I hope you’ll all join us on saturday for some very special black belt presentations! at 9:00 am at ko kung fu in San Jose, Mrs. Roz Curran will be presented her black belt by her teacher, master John Ozuna. then at 2:30 that same afternoon at east west alamo, Ms. Ellett and Mrs. Silverman will also be presented their black belts. This is an extremely special event that these 3 ladies have worked tirelessly for years to accomplish. Please join all the black belts as we welcome them into their new journey!


Warm Up:

10 passthrough with staff

10 push ups with hand release

10 Silverman Squats

10 Roll backs

10 Scoprions

5 minutes pull up practice (use bands if needed)


25-20-15-10-5 – with 30 second hand stand hold in between each set

Heel/Wheel/Thrust Kicks (switch legs on each set)

Overhead Horse Stance Squats (holding medicine ball overhead)

V Ups

Notes: You will do 25 heel/wheel/thrust, 25 overhead horse stance squats, 25 V Ups, then 30 seconds of handstand hold. Then 20 of each and a 30 second handstand hold, then 15…finish with 5 of each and a 30 second handstand hold.

Warm Down:

800M jog

5 minutes ball torture