A Rock In The Pond

A fantastic part of a new bok fu philosophy writing by master buckley to black belt, Ms. Liu, that was unveiled at our instructor workout on wednesday night. Enjoy!

a rock in the pond

“When things are going well for you, it’s as if your life is a still pond.  On the surface, you are a calm, clear reflection of what you feel inside. Then something goes awry – like when a rock is thrown into the pond and disrupts its calm waters.  The fallout from the rock’s intrusion are the ripples you see on the surface of the pond. They are like the emotions you feel when you’re under pressure. But in nature, The pond absorbs the source of its turmoil – the rock – as it sinks to the bottom.  The pond is impassive to the rocks attempt to disrupt it. The rock now belongs to the pond. The ponds way of dealing with the rock is reflected on the surface by the ripple effect – a gradual release of the tensions from the weight and impact of the rock.  No doubt this is an inconvenient moment in the ponds existence, but it passes and the ripples die down. The surface of the pond is calm once more. Beneath the surface the rock and all its jagged edges linger for a time, no doubt giving the pond one hell of a bellyache.  But on the surface, the pond reveals nothing. And over time, the rough edges of the rock as it sits in the ponds belly are smoothed over and no longer cause grief. The rock will always be there to remind the pond of its lesson – but the pond is now the rocks master. The pond has assimilated the rock into its ecosystem, shaping and using the rock to its maximum usefulness.  It accepts the rocks existence and lives with it in harmony. So, ms. Liu, each time a rock is thrown into your waters, think of the pond and its lesson. When your emotions try to overwhelm you, think about the ripple effect, the gradual release of tensions. Do not allow yourself to be inconvenienced by the rock. Reveal nothing of what you feel beneath the surface until you are ready to use what you feel.  Understand the rocks in your life as crucial pieces to your capacity for internal growth. The trying times in your life will eventually smooth over when you accept them for what they are and learn to live harmoniously with your feelings – just like the rock in the pond.”



Warm Up:

5 minutes of ninja pistol practice

100 jump rope jumps

50 double unders

25 horse stance squats


3 times

Max reps unbroken Push Ups

Max reps unbroken V Ups

Max reps unbroken Pull Ups

Max reps unbroken Horse Stance Squats

Notes: You will do as many push ups in a row as you can. Rest and then do as many V Ups as possible in a row. Repeat with pull ups and horse stance squats. Do this sequence 3 times total and try to maintain your reps each time. This workout is not for time.

Warm Down:

5 minutes belt stretching