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Youth Kung Fu

Youth Program

It’s in these crucial developmental years, there is no better time than to instill a strong sense of who they are and just as importantly, who they’d like to be. Here at East West Kung Fu, our youth are rubbing elbows with world class staff and dedicated, respectful, and focused kids who are all working toward improving themselves in a positive atmosphere that cultivates the ethical traits and healthy habits that are the hallmark of martial arts training. Kung Fu is so much more than just kicking and punching. It develops the student in mind, body, and spirit, and will set them on a course for success in all areas of life.

Physically, they will develop both gross and fine motor skills, improve and enhance flexibility, and develop the strength, coordination, balance, and timing that is essential to the application of the self defense skills they will learn. As they see their skill level improve, and realize that they could really handle themselves if the need arises, they will develop a deep seated confidence, and is one of the greatest benefits of this subject.

Mentally, they will learn the true meaning of focus and how it will enhance their efforts both on the mat and off. Kids will learn to expect the best of them selves in anything they do, and will cultivate a positive mindset to help them in their approach to anything that they set their minds to.

Emotionally, Kung Fu training will instill a strong foundation of emotional control and understanding that will help them to navigate through life most efficiently and peacefully as they direct their thoughts and emotions in positive and productive ways.


At East West Kung Fu, we cultivate an atmosphere of respect and humility that will instill healthy behaviors in a child that will help them grow into capable, noble young men and women.

Reaching Higher/Self Improvement:

They will learn that they are capable improving themselves and their situation in life through setting goals and working towards those goals. As they strive toward achieving their goals, they will come up against challenges, and with the guidance and care of our staff, they will learn what it means to persevere when things don’t always go their way.

Our youth program is a FUN way for kids to learn essential life skills that can truly make a difference in how they view themselves and their approach to the rest of their lives!

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