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What's in your coffee?


What's in your coffee?

Did you know that a grande non-fat white chocolate mocha (without whipped cream) has 58 grams of sugar!?!? A can of coke has 45 grams! Think about your morning cup of joe and ask yourself what small changes you can make!

Many of you have been asking about recovery drinks. Here is a comparison of some of the most common ones on the market. What it comes down to is what works best for you! But remember, post workout nutrition is essential to your recovery.

Recovery Drink Comparison and Info

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    1. Winder

      You can subscribe to that website (Eat This, Not That) and they send you emails with interesting slides like that one and for those with an iphone can download a free app game testing your knowledge of what to eat and what to not.

    1. bokfudo

      I just tried coconut water after my workout this morning and loved it! Brown, you introduced me to it a couple months ago, but this was the first time i’ve tried it post workout. Thanks for the post!

  1. This is probably an odd place to post this, but oh well! We had dinner guests last night, and I had to figure out what to serve that wouldn’t be too “diet-y”, but would still allow us to eat healthy. I served a chicken and pineapple dish over broccoli (tofu version for me!) that was a big hit. I made oil-free edamame hummus as an appetizer and served the awesome Mexican Chocolate ice cream at this link for dessert. It is dairy free, gluten free, and low sugar (unfortunately not fat free!). It is very rich and creamy. I recommend trying it if you have an ice cream maker. I used trader joe’s light coconut milk and a bar of nice quality dark chocolate broken into pieces instead of dark chocolate chips.

    1. bokfudo

      This is the perfect place to post that! I’ll do a post next week where people can reply with their favorite recipes so far. Sounds like you had a fantastic dinner last night! Way to go:)