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This is an impressive story of teamwork and selflessness. This group of people risked their own lives to save another. Here is the video along with the news article.

Crowd Lifts Burning Car Off Man: Eyewitness Catches It On Film

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:

Inchworms up mat
10 Roll Backs
Bear Crawl down mat
10 Ninja Pistols (5 per leg)
Broad Jumps up mat
10 Broken Bow Jumps
Drop Stance/ Hardbow/ Crane down mat
10 Pass Through with staff
Straight Leg Kicks up mat
10 Handstand Push Ups (or clapping pushups)
Advanced Reverse Straight Leg Kicks down mat
10 Scorpions

On the minute every minute for 12 minutes
5 Horse Stance Squats (Advanced do Horse Stance Squat Jumps)
10 Push Ups (Advanced do Clapping Push Ups)
As many sit ups with cross punches as possible

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball torture for hips/hamstrings