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Teach every child about food!


Teach every child about food!

Our Lafayette kids class with a record 14 kids on Tuesday!

This is my FAVORITE TED talk so far! Jamie Oliver began over 10 years ago as a young British chef with a powerful message that he was determined to share. He would stop at nothing to get his message out to change the world through educating children about food. His passion for the subject is inspiring and well worth the listen for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
Straight Leg kicks up mat
10 push ups
Broad Jumps down mat
10 horse stance squats
Bear Crawl up mat
10 scoprions
Duck walk down mat
10 tuck jumps
20 second on 10 seconds off – 4 times
V Ups
Broken Bow Jumps
Speed Punches

For time with a partner
Only 1 person works at a time – the other partner waits in a horse stance
100 Push Ups with hand release
100 Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw
100 Chicken Lunges
100 Sit Ups with cross punches
100 Hardbow/ Broken Bow Lunges
100 Tuck Jumps

Warm Down:
5 minutes partner stretching