East West Homework Hour

Worried about your child falling behind with remote learning? Looking for a way to keep them on task and up to speed on their academics? Let East West’s college and high school age instructors help!

Starting at the beginning of the new school year, we will be hosting a daily Homework Hour for students in Kindergarten-8th grade. Homework Hour will run every week day from 5pm-6pm. Students can login to a special zoom link for an hour of dedicated homework time which they use to complete school assignments or study for tests.

How can I be sure my child is actually getting work done?
     ▪ Our instructors have extensive experience both working with and motivating students in a Zoom meeting format.
    ▪ Students will be asked to keep their videos on throughout the hour. This way, teachers can check on the student’s progress at all times.
    ▪ At the start of class, teachers will give students a plan for what to work on. By the end, students will be asked to show the teacher proof of their progress.
What if my child has a question about their schoolwork?
    ▪ If a student has a question, teachers can answer it on zoom with the whiteboard feature. This allows students to see teachers writing the answer in real time.
What if my child finishes their work early?
    ▪If students finish all their schoolwork before the hour is up, they will be moved to a separate breakout room to play games and work on their martial arts belt material.
This will create an incentive for students to get work done in a timely manner!
How personalized is the instruction?
◦ Sign ups for a given session will be limited to 10 students

Cost: $100 per week, or $380 per month for access to any number of sessions during that time. Sign ups are limited to 10 students per week.