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Happy Birthday to Grandmaster Lee & Mr. Worden!


Happy Birthday to Grandmaster Lee & Mr. Worden!

Today is a very special day! It is the birthday of our teacher, 3 time United States Team Head Coach (1975, 1992, 1996), 10th degree Grandmaster in the World Kuoshu federation, Vice President of the United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation, United States Chinese Kuoshu Hall of Fame member, President of the World Kuoshu Federation, founder of the IBFDA, founder of the Bok Fu Do system and the Richard Lee East West Kung Fu schools, and all around amazing person: Grandmaster Lee!

Coming up now on an incredible 65 years in martial arts, Grandmaster Lee stayed true to his dreams of creating a world class martial arts system and schools, and persevered to create a path of well being and life long learning that thousands of students have benefited from thanks to his perseverance and dedication to helping others. Having founded his first school in 1967, his East West Kung Fu schools will be celebrating 50 years in business… and 50 years of improving peoples live next year!

Grandmaster Lee, on this day your students and disciples would like to wish you a new year of life that is full of health, love, and happiness and all the very best that this world has to offer you. Thank you,sincerely for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do, and we are so honored to be a part of your legacy.

You can learn more about Grandmaster Lee by clicking here.

Today is also the birthday of 2nd Degree Black Belt, 1st Generation Grandmaster Richard Lee Disciple, Legal Council of the IBFDA, and dedicated instructor: Mr. Worden!

Mr. Worden has remained an active and helpful part of the East West Kung Fu for many years, and will be celebrating 25 years with the school this year! He has represented our school in national and international competition, and practices law by day and kung fu by night as he continues to teach classes every week in the Lafayette location.

Mr. Worden, we hope you enjoy a day full of celebration and wish you a successful, joyful, and healthy new year of life as well!

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