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Happy Birthday Ms. Mitchell!


Happy Birthday Ms. Mitchell!

Today we celebrate the birthday of 1st generation disciple and 1st degree black belt, Ms. Jennie Mitchell!

Ms. Mitchell is the Lafayette school manager, and has headed up the Lafayette school since it opened in 2011. Her dedication to her teachers, her training, and her students has helped to carry on the legacy of Bok Fu Do training to many generations of students. She is an integral part of East West Kung Fu, and we are grateful to have her as a part of our Bok Fu Do family.

Jennie Mitchell began her martial arts training in 1998. Looking for something more challenging than aerobics, something more involved than standard gym fare and wanting some basic skills in order to defend herself if needed, Ms. Mitchell searched for a martial arts school. What she found was a home. She started the Top Gun Instructor Training program two and a half months after she started lessons at East West and never looked back. Her perseverance and determination in the subject were rewarded when she become the oldest woman ever earn a Black Belt in Bok Fu Do in 2009. Her example has set an unprecedented trend, paving the way for an entire generation of older students looking to do the same. Says Ms. Newman, “She was the first student that I took from the first five lessons all the way through black belt. We have spent many years together and she has always been extremely dedicated and hardworking.”

Says Master Buckley, “Mitchell is a giver not a taker; a real doer. No matter what the task, we can always count on Mitchell. She’s a special lady and a huge part of our organization.”

In 2012, Ms. Mitchell was chosen to be a disciple under Grandmaster Richard Lee. She has represented Richard Lee’s West Coast Team at the International Kuoshu Championships and the United States on both an international and world level.

Ms. Mitchell, you have accomplished so much in your time with us here at East West, and we look forward to many more exciting adventures together both in the schools and around the world! We sincerely wish you a wonderful birthday full of love, laughter, and joy.

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