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Happy Birthday Mr. McKay


Happy Birthday Mr. McKay

We would like to wish a very special happy birthday to our very own Mr. McKay!

Born in New Zealand, Mr. McKay spent many years traveling around the world until he found a home at East-West in 1999. He earned his instructor rank in 2000 and his black belt in 2005. He has been a disciple of Grandmaster Richard Lee since 2012, and just recently achieved his 3rd degree black belt last month!

Mr. McKay has competed at National and International tournaments in forms, weapons, two person sets and Lei Tai. He also a certified International Level “A” and has refereed for the International Kuo Shu Championships in Baltimore, MD many times since 2011, as well as various other tournaments around the world.

His cheerful demeanor,dedication, and passion for Bok Fu Do make him a favorite among students and staff in all the schools. He teaches kids and adults of all ages, and is always eager to help in which ever way he can.

Says Ms. Newman, “I truly believe Mitch McKay was meant to find his way to East West. What are the chances of a guy from New Zealand coming 6500 miles, walking through the doors of our school, then becoming a black belt and disciple? Mr. McKay has been instrumental in the physical building and improvement of the East West schools and we will always be grateful for his helpful spirit.”

Mr. McKay, we love to have you as a part of our schools on a daily basis. We are so glad you found your way to our Bok Fu Do family, and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you. We wish you all the best today and all days!

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