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Happy Birthday, Mr. Cusack!


Happy Birthday, Mr. Cusack!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of 1st Degree Black Belt and 1st generation disciple: Mr. Cusack!

Mr. Cusack started studying martial arts in April of 1999. His enthusiasm for martial arts and his training has kept steady through the years. In 2001, he achieved his instructor rank and has shared his enthusiasm and passion for Bok Fu Do with many students since then.

He has represented Richard Lee’s East West Teams in state, national, international, and world competitions. In 2003, he represented the United States national lei tai team at the 1st TWKSF World Kuo Shu Tournament in Brazil, 2003. He has been a consistent participant at the International Kuo Shu Championships in Baltimore, MD. Mr. Cusack had a helpful spirit from the beginning and played a large role in the building of the San Ramon and Lafayette schools. Says Master Buckley, “Whenever the school is in need, he’s usually first in line to help.” Adds Master Futini, “He has a heart of gold.

Mr. Cusack, your passion and dedication to Bok Fu Do is a great example to the students and staff of East West, and your caring and helpful spirit has been appreciated by all who have come to know you. We sincerely wish you a wonderful birthday and we look forward to many more years of happy training at East West Kung Fu with you!

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