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Happy Birthday Master Buckley!


Happy Birthday Master Buckley!

Today is a very special day! We want to take a moment to wish Master Buckley a very happy birthday!

Master Buckley flying high at Sun Moon Lake in 2006.

Master Buckley flying high at Sun Moon Lake in 2006.

Master Buckley is about to celebrate his 30th year at East West Kung Fu. While we could easily write a book on all of the incredible things that he has accomplished in that time, on his birthday what we would really like to do is to thank him for the path that he has paved. Master Buckley is a pioneer in the Bok Fu Do System. Without his dedication, passion, fortitude and vision, we would not be here today.

Here are some words from Master Buckley that he wrote a few years ago:

“Hard work is often associated with accomplishing extraordinary results, large levels of success, or even achieving greatness. But I believe that hard work to the one who eventually accomplishes big things or becomes great is merely a perceived interpretation of those around them. To the actual person engaged in their work I believe they are simply carrying out an action fueled of desire and love. Their actions are not forced; they are, in fact, natural because the person headed towards success is driven by an intense sense of purpose. I believe it likely there are few people who have ever achieved high levels of success that did not – at least at some point – love their toil. Such individuals have surely been described as workaholics and while this is probably true by strict definition, the person who loves what he/she does not feel as though they are working at all. It is true that when we love what we do we have found success after all. I learned this from a man I met when I was in my teens, a man who exemplified this concept in his daily work, everyday of his life. His name is Grandmaster Richard Lee.

I have been studying under Grandmaster Lee’s tutelage since January of 1986. During that time we have spent hours discussing many trains of thought. I feel fortunate and privileged to have had the opportunity over the decades to “pick his brain” so to speak, and it has left me with a treasure trove of knowledge that has, over time, rewarded me wisdom through my own experiences. Of course, the learning is infinite, a road that has no determined end, only determined goals and as such never completed. And while early on in my training much of what we discussed surly did not settle, I now fully appreciate my teacher’s wisdom in first planting the seed inside me, then patiently nurturing and cultivating that seed until one day it had what it needed to flourish and grow. I now see Bok-Fu-Do as the most beautiful garden – the garden of Grandmaster Lee’s life.”

Every single day, Master Buckley embodies the level of success that he explains in talking about his teacher. In this subject, there is no one that works harder, radiates that intense sense of purpose, and loves their toil more than Master Buckley. Aside from Grandmaster Lee, there is no one that exemplifies the true meaning of Bok Fu Do more than Master Buckley. As a result he has and continues to accomplish extraordinary results and passes that passion onto each one of his students.

We are all incredibly fortunate to learn from him, to have him at the forefront of our system, growing and molding it into the incredible mechanism for self discovery that it is. His students will be forever grateful for all that he has given us and today, on his birthday, we are all filled with gratitude that we can celebrate him!

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There is a library of pictures from his 30 years in the subject, but we picked a few of our favorites with our teacher.

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