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Happy Birthday Grandmaster Lee & Mr. Worden!


Happy Birthday Grandmaster Lee & Mr. Worden!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the founder of the Bok Fu Do system: Grandmaster Lee!

Having dedicated over 60 years of his life to martial arts, his incredible life story and dedication pursuit of both learning and teaching continue to inspire us all. We are so grateful for all that he has done to create, promote, and sustain the great system of Bok Fu Do.

Grandmaster Lee, it is thanks to you that we have the opportunity to transform our lives through training at the East West schools. We are all so proud and honored to be your students, and we wish you all the best that life has to offer today and every day!

You can learn more about Grandmaster Lee by clicking here.

2nd Degree Black Belt and 1st generation disciple John Worden shares his birthday with Grandmaster Lee! Next year will be Mr. Worden’s 25th year at East West Kung Fu, and his enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to the school and it’s students has made him a invaluable part of East West.

Mr. Worden, we wish you a very happy birthday and hope this is the start of a prosperous, happy, healthy new year of life for you!

You can learn more about Mr. Woden by clicking here.