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DIY #4


DIY #4

3 Rounds for time:

400 Meter Run

20 Chicken Kick Lunges

20 Back up to push up

20 V up

Notes: You will do all 4 exercises above, 3 times in a row. Remember to time your workout! Also, form is more important than how quickly you finish. Try to do each movement correctly and completely before moving on. You’ll get the most benefit from your workout that way. For chicken lunges, remember to touch your hand to the ground to go all the way down for your lunge. On the back up, make sure to lift both your arms and you feet off the ground. And for the V ups, bring both your lower and upper body off the ground and meet them in the middle.

Happy Training!

4 Responses

    1. bokfudo

      Yes, if you are in Alamo you have two options. You can either run around the island twice, or run to the marker behind Safeway and do you first round there. The marker and back is 800M. If you are in San Ramon, just run to the marker and back which is 400M.

    1. bokfudo

      You can jump rope for 3 minutes, do your forms for 3 minutes (one longer form twice in a row) or do kimono grab through offensive warrior as fast as you can.