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9th Day of our 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit


9th Day of our 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit

On Thursday, I was standing in line and decided to strike up a conversation with a guy that didn't seem to be in the best mood. Initially he was a little surprised that I started talking to him out of the blue, but then he seemed to cheer up and kept the conversation going. It was a great way for both of us to pass time while we were waiting in line and he may even bring his son in for some kung fu lessons:)

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Imagine how much fun this guy had making this video!


3 Responses

  1. Silvermom

    My family and I are skiing back east and we luckily, just received almost 2 feet of snow yesterday. Conditions were quite challenging today and it was very cold and windy. A man was trying to ski down a slope that was much too hard for him and he kept falling. Other skiers skied around him but did not stop to help. He had fallen and both skis came off. My daughter, Rebecca, and I climbed back up to help him get his skis back on and then followed him the rest of the way down the mountain. He was so surprised and appreciative of our help and we both forgot that we were cold.

  2. Jane Ellett

    Tonight we made an Italian dinner for and elderly (Italian) neighbor who lives alone. We all enjoyed a great dinner and conversation and got to know each other a little better. A perfect example of how you get more than you give when you extend your kindness to other people.

  3. Laura Moore

    This video made me smile the whole time I watched it. Amazing how dance can make you feel so good–you don’t even have to be a good dancer. Wouldn’t it be great it all people trying to resolve a dispute had to learn a dance together first, record it and then watch it play back. There is something uniting about dance.