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What's Your Favorite Been So Far?


What's Your Favorite Been So Far?

It’s your chance to put together a BFF workout!

So our BFF for Breast Cancer Fundraiser is coming up on Saturday. I’m putting together the workout but would love your help and input. Keep in mind that we have a wide variety of ages and athletic ability levels participating. What has been your favorite workouts so far? What movements do you think would be easy enough for non-martial artists to do, but hard enough to give everyone a great workout?

So far I’m thinking of using horse stance squats, sit ups with cross punches, Bok Fu Burpees, and hardbow/ broken bow lunges. Give me some ideas on what you think a great workout for Saturday would be. Post your ideas to the comments.

I hope to see you all there! We are going to have a fantastic turnout and I could really use my experienced BFFers to show everyone the ropes! 🙂

4 Responses

  1. Jane Ellett

    I like the horse stance squats, the circle up ball pass for abs, sit ups with cross punches, the Samsone stretch, any kind of walking lunges are great, tuck jumps (not my favorite but everyone can jump a little), Mountain climbers are okay, some kind of balance exercise (maybe forward snap kicks for balance.

  2. Karen Silverman

    I really like mountain climbers as well. Ms Brown does a great ab exercise which everyone can do. You lie on your back with hands under just under your butt. Then you extend your legs, pointing your feet up to the sky, lifting your butt off the ground. Great for the lower abs. I’m sure personal space will be at a premium so things we can do in place or in a small space will seem to work best. How about plank? This will be fun!

  3. Wendy Campbell

    I think inchworms would be good exercise for everyone and fun for the kids, you could leave out the pushup or just have knee pushups along with jump rope for part of the warm up. Also combos in the air are great! Maybe punchs and high knees:)

  4. Tina Duong

    I like the drop stance to hard bo stance to crane stance for warm up for Adults and the duck walk for Kids. Duck walk is what Mr. Lee had all Wushu campers did; it was fun, but challenging. I think the kids would enjoy that. I also like the frog jump across the mat.

    For workout, balanced wheel kicks; back up from the box or from the ground with partner hold on to feet; plank for abs work.