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Thanking Your 2011 Self!


Thanking Your 2011 Self!

A final picture of our Kids Special Squad in 2011!

After reading this great article yesterday, Thanking Your 2011 Self, I decided my act of kindness would be to myself. I took the time to think about and write down things that I wanted to thank myself for in 2011. It’s very common during this time of year to focus on all of our goals for the year to come, but after my little exercise yesterday, I now believe it’s equally as important to thank ourselves and be proud of what we have done the year before. Take the time to notice all of the wonderful things you have done in the past year, before you rush ahead to see what’s to come in the next 12 months!

Wishing everyone a very SAFE and happy New Year! Here’s a little PERSPECTIVE to end your year!

7 Responses

  1. Shahidi

    Today on my way to get my hair done, I saw a woman at the corner of Camino Tassajara having bags of orange for sale. She was obviously cold and it seemed that she had n’t had many sales. On my way back I bough a few bags from her. It made me happy and she certainly was happy, too!

  2. Jane Ellett

    Tonight, New Year’s Eve, I was in a little grocery store in Pioneer, CA. I walked up to 2 teenagers with piercings and headphones in their ears and offered them each an iTunes card. They looked at me suspiciously then accepted my gift. It was fun!
    I also made a
    Crab feed for the family for new years dinner.

  3. Art Panella

    On the 12th day of Christmas, I gave my wife a bouquet of flowers and took her car to the car wash. I treated my sister and her husband to the movies. Happy New Year!!

  4. Silvermom

    Tonight as we sat around our dinner table, celebrating New Years, I asked each person to verbalize an appreciation they have from 2011, and a personal goal they have for 2012. It was fun to hear everyone’s thoughts. Then, at the end I asked everyone to say “great effort, thank me for doing my best!”. It’s so important to set goals and a plan for achieving them, but it’s equally important to thank ourselves and give ourselves acts of kindness too. I really enjoyed the 12 days of BokFu spirit. Happy New Year everyone.

  5. Tina Duong

    12/31 – New Year’s Eve- I did absolutely nothing. It was Me time. It was down time. I meditated for 30 minutes, which something is not easy for me to do, as I’m always on the run and my mind is always full. It felt incredibly fantastic! I was thinking to myself, 364 days dedicated to others, only one day for me and it’s totally worth it!