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Steps to Mastery


Steps to Mastery

Thanks Ms. Ellett (via Mrs. Dutra) for this article. It’s about Mastery and although it was for a day trading blog, definitely applies to Bok Fu Do and many aspects of life. LOVED this article! Enjoy! Steps to Mastery

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
2 times:
30 Seconds V Ups
30 Seconds Back Ups
15 Scorpions
15 Push ups
1 minute plank
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute Bridge practice

800M run (or 200 Jump Rope Jumps)
60 Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges
40 Mountain Climbers
20 Horse Stance Squat Jumps with Push Up

400M Run (or 100 Jump Rope Jumps)
40 Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Horse Stance Squat Jumps with Push Ups

200M Run (or 50 Jump Rope Jumps)
20 Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges
10 Mountain Climbers
5 Horse Stance Squat Jumps with Push Ups

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball torture for shoulders
5 minutes partner stretching for hamstrings