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Start 80/20ing Yourself!


Start 80/20ing Yourself!


Does anyone remember this from last year? Guess what…you'll be able to pie a team member again this year at the picnic! I can't wait!
There are a few things coming up in the next month to remember:
1. This Saturday is the Belt Board in Alamo at 12:30pm
2. This Sunday is our East West Picnic at Hap McGee Park in Danville! Games start at 10, barbecue starts at 11:30!
3. Student Tournament Practices start next Saturday, August 24th! They will run from 12:15-1:15pm at each school, every Saturday until the tournament on September 21st!
4. East West Kung Fu is having another Dog Wash fundraiser for the USA National Team!
It will take place on Saturday, September 7th, starting at 11am-3pm in front of East West Kung Fu at 140 Alamo Plaza, Suite C. Sign up at the front desk or call at 925-831-0292
This is a very interesting article about the 80/20 rule with a twist on ways to apply it outside of the corporate world. How to 80/20 Your Life What are the things in your life that make up your 20%?
I would have never anticipated posting an acceptance speech from an MTV awards show on this page, but today I'm doing just that. Ashton Kutcher took the opportunity to express some things that really matter at a time when he had the attention of a whole lot of young people. Good for him! Feel free to skip past all the screaming girls to when he starts talking around 1:45!


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